MySalesResults now integrates with Microsoft Outlook to save producers time

A few months ago, we announced that MySalesResults features Microsoft Outlook integration to help agents stay connected, save time, and focus on what they do best — serving clients and writing new business.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new integration features and how they benefit producers.

The Email Contact feature within MySalesResults works seamlessly with Outlook.  A producer can simply click the email icon for any of their contacts and Outlook will open a new message with the contact’s email address already filled in.  This is a very simple feature, but one that provides a great deal of convenience.

The Sync Calendar feature works when a producer clicks on the Things To Do tab abbreviated as “TTD.”   From there, producers can sync back tasks that need to be done to their Outlook calendar.  At this point, the ability to set reminder notifications, change the duration of the tasks, prioritize the tasks and more can be done within Outlook.   This new feature saves producers time because they don’t need to enter the items manually.  Additionally, having tasks as Outlook calendar entries helps producers stay on track and helps avoid forgetfulness.

Similarly, the Sync Contact feature allows contact information within MySalesResults to be saved back to Outlook.  Once again, this saves a great deal of time and keeps producers focused on selling, not on data entry or administrative work.

If your agency currently uses MySalesResults, you are probably taking full advantage of these time-saving features.  If your agency does not use MySalesResults and you are interested in learning more, please contact us at (586) 258-0667,, or use our contact form.

About MySalesResults

MySalesResults is a Sales Management System for insurance agencies that allows them to easily and effectively manage their sales performance.
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